Family Finance Educators - Educating Young Adults
Family Finance Educators - An innovative way to teach youth about personal finance!

Young Adults Workshop
In this workshop, we begin by identifying money philosophies and habits   
developed during childhood and beyond.  We also address Financial Life Values.  For couples, we discuss the impact finances can have on a relationship. We then have participants develop their own
spending philosophy

Once our students understand their relationships with money, we then address specific financial topics such as goal setting, budgeting and cash flow, saving and giving, debt strategies, credit cards, account considerations, taxes, estate planning, insurance and investments.

  • This is one of our most comprehensive workshops and as such, requires additional time and commitment. 
  • Sessions are usually presented in (2) 4-hour weekend workshops or in a weekly 1-2 hour class.
  • As with our Custom Group Programming for Youth, our Young Adults Workshop can also be tailored to the group/audience requesting the class.  This includes customization of topics to be covered as well as overall structure and time frame of the class (minimum 10 participants).

Individual and Family Coaching
A perfect graduation, wedding, new baby gift, we help individuals in various stages of life address the financial decisions they are facing in their new roles. 
Common coaching scenarios include: 

  • Youth/Children
  • Young Adults – college grads, young professionals
  • New Parents
  • Families/Inter-generational


Call us:  (480) 998-1798
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