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What People Are Saying About Our Workshops!
From Kindergarten class parents at Sonoran Sky Elementary:
"I’ve been wanting to do something like this at home but didn’t know where to start.”  
“My son was so excited to bring his bank home! He immediately dumped out his old piggy bank and starting inserting money into each of the three slots.”  
“Thank you so much for teaching these concepts!  This is something all children should be learning in school but aren’t”.
"When we are out shopping, my daughter now asks aloud "is this a want or a need?""
From Parents of Brownie and Daisy Troop members:
"My child is so happy to separate the money in her bank everyday."
"I think money management is a skill that needs to be taught just like any other subject. It has been neglected for too long - look at our current economic situation."
"She enjoyed reviewing Needs vs. Wants and came home and quizzed us on what is a need vs. a want. She also came right home and set up her savings, giving and spending boxes. I appreciated that there was a portion of the class that discussed giving back to people in need."
"My daughter loved seeing how money grows when it is saved over time."
"I am recommending the workshop to other Mom's with girls in Girls Scouts. I think it is a valuable lesson for kids to learn that things do cost money and that we have to prioritize what we spend our money on."
"THANK YOU!!! We really enjoyed having you. Troop #xxx"

"It was entertaining, at their level and just long enough to hold their attention."
"My daughter really enjoyed the worksheets."
"It was great for my daughters to hear the same message about spending money from someone other than me! It will be great for me to refer back to the class in the future when money issues come up."
From K-4th Grade class parents at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School:
"The workshops are a great resource to teach kids about financial responsibility in a fun way."
"Great discussions and fun examples and games."
"My child really enjoyed doing the worksheets."
"We are hoping there will be further classes for both our boys to attend."
"My child didn't want the class to end! It would be wonderful if the classes were longer than an hour."
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